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Email: sale@krcnvalves.com
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KERUI welcomes motivated, professional and integrity individuals who are enthusiastic about what they do. At KERUI, you will find a favorable atmosphere that rewards extra effort and initiative, a proud and supportive staff, fair and approachable management and a worldwide reputation for excellence.


We offer extensive training and development platform to every staff. We have competitive salary, while implementing different salary rating on personal ability.


For sales, we provide year-end bonus and adjust salary according to your responsibility, and monthly performance.


For technical employees in workshop, we pay to them based on their quality and quantities by the job.


For the special contributors and the persons who completed annual company progress projects, KERUI will
award them additional salary as encouragement.


While we’re building sound products, we’re also building outstanding careers. If you are sure of yourself,
please send resume to KERUI. Hope you will be the next to join us.

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